Uncover, process and dissolve your blocks + limiting beliefs. Those are hindering your success. Let's get rid of them!

Bonus: you will be part of the Magic Circle and you'll receive guidance around creating an expanded life and business!

I’m Elisa, a strategist at heart who believes there's no strategy that works without mindset and soul work. 
I help women like you to create a life and a business that’s grounded, relaxed and authentic and that you're proud to share on social media through a special mix of coaching, consulting and energy work.


During Elisa’s business energy healing class, I felt myself changing ever day, in powerful and deeply personal ways. I also noticed more progress in myself and my business than I had the entire year before. The work Elisa facilitated and guided helped me push through many limitations I was putting on myself and my business plans. Since working with Elisa, I have been able to take a more positive and healthy prospective with stressful situations and decisions that need to be made. I feel much more peaceful, grounded and self aware.

Michelle T

Strength With Grace


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Lovely People...
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Elisa has been one of the BIGGEST influences on my new online business. The coaching strategies & energy she uses towards her clients helps to simplify somewhat complicated or overwhelming business situations - using both logical yet nurturing techniques. Being in business can get lonely & confusing... without proper guidance, you can find yourself wasting precious time or even going backwards... I would highly recommend her leadership and expertise as it will have a lifelong impact on your personal & business growth. So grateful for you Elisa!!!

Chloe C
Scarlet Hues - Crush at Social

I have 8 years of spiritual development under my belt, 6 years of working with small business and entrepreneurs as social media strategist and obviously this is not my first business. 
I made all the mistakes in the book and I worked with many entrepreneurs from all walks of life: you don't just get my energetic support, my skills and knowledge as a strategist, and my intuition; you also get all the experience I earned from my own previous business, and all of my previous clients' businesses. 
Everything I do to support you has a practical byproduct and my goal is to give you all the tools you need to turn into a grounded, expanded and successful human being (in whatever it is you want to do). 
Will you ask me to create a life and business that bring you peace, success and satisfaction?

Check my stars and see if we'll get along:

  • 1
    Gemini Sun: communication with me will be a breeze (and I can help you improve your communication with your clients&relations too)
  • 2
    SagRising: there's no time to get bored. I'm going on an adventure and you're coming with me!
  • 3
    TaurusMoon: as I always say, "We're living on this material plane so we'd better make it work right now, with what we have, and make it so that it feels good too!"
  • 4
    INFJ: We're changing lives and impacting the world here, one soul at a time. No joking around!
  • 5
    5/1 Manifesting Generator: I love what I do, I have lots of energy to do it and I do it FAST. Let me teach practical ways of BEING the best, most authentic and successful version of YOU. 

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For you if:

  • You want a taste of 1:1 work with me
  • You have a specific issue you need to solve
  • You need an energy reset and cleansing

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