Co-create a life of satisfaction and success with me by working at your own pace, learning how to be your own authority, and bringing your purpose into the world. 

The only coaching program that includes energy healing to quantum leap your shifting and healing, that guides you to be YOU according to your unique design, that re-shapes your digital strategy so that it brings you where you want to go and that gives you all the tools you need to grow yourself and your business.

It’s Mindset, Alignment, God, Intuition and Co-Creation. It's a solid foundation program. 4 months with me, Elisa, intuitive coach and strategist for pretty magical female entrepreneurs with a purpose.

It’s a 4-month intensive coaching program that includes a coaching call and an energy healing session every other week.

What about the other days of the week? We’ll be in touch via Messenger and via a Trello board to keep you accountable on your growth. I told you it’s intensive!

This is for you if:

  • you’re 100% done with frustration and dissatisfaction
  • you’re 100% willing to jump in head first and do this with me (you won’t be alone, ever!)
  • you’re 0% willing to procrastinate on your personal freedom

4 months can make a world of difference.

We go in, deep, we shift, we heal, we plan, we evolve, we solve and we move on.
I move on to helping someone else and you move on with your authentic self, the tools to manage your business and your online presence, your perfected intuition, freaking solid foundation for a satisfying life, and the profound knowing that you’re on your path to your own success. 

  • Waking up two hours late because honestly, you didn’t have anything exciting to wake up to. 

  • Spending evenings curled on the sofa scrolling Instagram trying to be inspired by something, anything… only to grow into a ball of frustration at the 37th story of “I was a desperate mess and now I’m happy as a clam!”

  • Being forced to do work that doesn’t excite you anymore because it pays the bills but that’s sucking up your energy leaving nothing for yourself and the people you love…

I spent more time than I’d like to admit trying to revive a passion for a business that I didn’t love anymore but paid the bills, and more! 

My previous business allowed me to:

- travel

- move across continents

- hire a team

- getting married...

… until one day I decided to move across continents a second time and start all over again. I dropped my business and decided to follow my bliss.

I made all the mistakes in the book: boundaries, finances, time management, (mis)alignment... My business taught me more about personal and spiritual growth than anything else ever has in my life. 
It also taught me that it was ok to move on and do what my soul was calling me to do.

I bring all this to the table, so you don’t have to waste years of your life making the same mistakes I made and you can have support working through all the voices in your head that tells you it’s ok to live like this. That you can’t be happy all the time. That there’s not enough to go around for everyone to do what they want to do

You know deep down that's BS.

Because it's not ok to live in fear. It's not ok to be unhappy for the sake of what you or everyone else thinks you should do. There is enough for everyone if only everyone was doing what they're meant to do!

In fact, you need to live on purpose and find your happiness. Because if you don’t, we all suffer. It’s the ripple effect: happiness is contagious and it’s our purpose as human beings to work towards our own happiness!

Elisa has been one of the BIGGEST influences on my new online business. The coaching strategies & energy she uses towards her clients helps to simplify somewhat complicated or overwhelming business situations - using both logical yet nurturing techniques. Being in business can get lonely & confusing... without proper guidance, you can find yourself wasting precious time or even going backwards... I would highly recommend her leadership and expertise as it will have a lifelong impact on your personal & business growth. So grateful for you Elisa!!!

Chloe Cristallini, Crush at Social / Scarlet & Hues

Elisa is amazing! This sums it up well, but here are more details: she did some energy clearing on me at the end of last year and just did a reading of my Human Design chart and I've been VERY impressed by how on points her intuitive abilities are (mind you, I'm an Intuitive myself!). Elisa cares a lot, goes to the bottom of things and is an overall very intuitive, smart and funny person! If you consider working with her + if you're ready to do business on your own term with someone supportive who really GETS you: then seriously, just take the leap!

Marion Chloé T., Intuitive Coach

  • 12 calls (for a total of 15 hours of live coaching)
    Value: €1950

  • 6 energy healing sessions (to release energetic blocks, fears and limiting beliefs)
    Value: €528

  • 1 complete social media strategy that we will develop over the 4 months as we get clear on you and your message
    Value: €1600

  • 1 Human Design foundation reading that will help us work in an aligned way with your energy dynamics (and give you some huge a-has moments too!)
    Value: €150

  • Messenger support (via message or voice notes)
    Value: priceless, only available within the M.A.G.I.C program

  • Asana board support (I’ll be there to keep you accountable and help you with your planning)
    Value: priceless, only available within the M.A.G.I.C program

  • Special access to workbooks and tutorials (from mindset to social media, from meditations to limiting belief work)
    Value: currently priceless and only available within the M.A.G.I.C. program

€850 x 4 installments

€580 x 6 installments

Oooh, I’m glad you asked. You see, time is not linear. It’s our perception of it that delays things. 

Literally anything can happen in 4 months. But I can’t tell you exactly WHAT, because that depends on you. 

My goal for you after our 4 months together is that:

  • you are in touch with your wisdom and intuition and you can walk alone, knowing that you’re being true to yourself
  • you have the tools to deal with the nasty stuff when it comes up (fears, blocks, limiting beliefs)
  • you are on your way to having a successful business or project, with a plan that feels good and a clear idea on who you are and what you’re offering
  • you have a step by step, clear planned out social media strategy to bring your business forward
  • you are living life in a fresh, new way, according to your design, where everything flows and you are satisfied, successful and in peace
  • you love and accept yourself exactly as you are, you express yourself and you live as yourself
  • you have a perfect balance of the practical and the magical in your life
  • First, I can help you if working with me is a strong “Yes!” for you. If I'm feeling the same, we both hit the jackpot! It’s all about body wisdom, so if we're aligned, there's a very high chance we're going to make magic together.
  • Coaching is not my first business: you have access to all the mistakes and solutions that I went through in my previous business so that you don't have to make them (in other words: I'm not making this stuff up and I probably already worked in your niche as well)
  • You can take advantage of a 8 years experience in content marketing, social media management and digital strategy (that's what I was mainly doing in my previous business, helping entrepreneurs like you with their online marketing so you don't only get my own experience, you get the sum of all the businesses and business owners I helped through the years).
  • 10 years of spiritual development including learning and practicing several energy healing techniques, meditation, emotional release and other tools that are very practical and helpful to deal with the ebbs and flows of entrepreneurship.
  • My own intuition and my ability to teach you intuition: I’ll guide you towards what intuition is specifically for you and how you can access it to make sure you are always guided and supported in your decisions.
  • My knowledge in Human Design (I've been experimenting and training for 4 years now)  so that we are always sure we are working in alignment with your true, essential self. With your soul. With what you're meant to do.

Various amazing people I help in my Facebook group

Working with Elisa was amazing. She managed my social media for over a year, and over that time I was continually impressed. She seemed to know exactly what to do, what to write, and how to position my business, without much help or guidance from me. Her ability to “get me” was amazing. I highly recommend working with Elisa!!

Mindy West, Energy Healer & Investor

  • You are dipping your toes in the world of intuition, energy work and Spirit
  • You are feeling unsatisfied with your current business or career, and you want to create something that feels authentic to you
  • You are a woman in her 20s, 30s or 40s
  • You're open to question EVERYTHING
  • You're ok with the fact that anything you thought was true, was actually leading you to a life of unhappiness
  • You're ready to put in the work and dig for the causes of your procrastination
  • You take 100% responsibility for your life, thoughts and emotions (or you're ready to start doing so with my help)
  • You are open minded and you love different cultures
  • You are in a safe financial situation (what I mean is that you don't have to put a strain on your finances: this is because I want you to do this stress-free. If that's the case, please save some money and then come back: putting yourself in debt is never a good idea, even if lots of people tell you so.)
  • You don't believe in anything Spirit related or you think energy healing is not effective.
  • You don't see any connection between mindset work and your business success.
  • You think Human Design is just a fad and you're already sick of hearing about it.
  • You have a perfectly profitable AND satisfying business: this program is not meant for you if you're ready to scale a business that you're already perfectly in love with.
  • You have perfect, solid foundation, systems and plans and everything is working out perfectly (if that's the case but you feel like something is wrong, I might still be able to help you.)
  • You are not willing to question how you've done things up until now.
  • You're not willing to take responsibility for your life.
  • You don't have time to put the work in: this is an intensive program so you'll need at least 8-10 hours a week to make it work. 
  • 12 calls (for a total of 13 hours of live coaching)
    These calls will take place over Zoom and will be recorded only if you wish (for you only). Our coaching calls can include "regular" coaching where I guide you to find your truth and solutions, shadow work, intuitive work, strategy work and even energy work if it's needed.

  • 6 energy healing sessions (to release energetic blocks, fears and limiting beliefs)
    Energy healing sessions happen remotely and we don't have to be on a call: you book them on our calendar and get relaxed in a quiet space when it's time. We share impressions and insights over Messenger when it's done. I use Theta Healing which is an amazing technique that can quickly replace limiting beliefs and heal whatever needs to be healed in a very deep and complete way.

  • 1 complete social media strategy that we will develop as we get clear on you and your message
    This will be a comprehensive guide in pdf that includes: your message, your voice, your values, your target market, social platforms, social media calendar, samples of content, objectives and advertising strategy if you need it.

  • 1  Human Design foundation reading that will help us work in an aligned way with your energy dynamics (and give you some huge a-has moments too!)
    This is a pdf document with everything that is in your Human Design chart at the foundation level: your energy dynamics, your strengths, your "weaknesses", your purpose, your role in life, your way of interacting with others and much more. 
    It is approximately 15 pages and you'll be able to refer back to it whenever you need to. 

  • Messenger support (via message or voice notes)
    You can send me messages at any point of our 4 months together, and I will get back to you in the space of 24 hours (I practice what I preach so freedom and flexibility is an important part of my business).
    We can use this for accountability, to answer your doubts, or for anything you might need during our months together.

  • Trello board support (I’ll be there to keep you accountable and help you with your planning)
    Trello is a project management tool that will help you keep your progress on track. I will set up a Trello board for you, depending on what are your needs and what we're working on together. I'll check in daily on week days so that you are also (lovingly) kept accountable.

  • Special access to my vault where you can find masterclasses, workbooks and tutorials (from mindset to social media marketing, from meditations to limiting belief work, Human Design)
    You will get a link and a password to access it. It includes titles such as:
    - How to make your passions profitable 
    - How to work with your Cosmic Energy Blueprint and avoid burnout
    - Aligned Content Mini Course: 4 hours to create and schedule a month worth of social media content
    - Instagram 101: how to use Instagram for business

Will this work for me even if I don't have a business yet?

How do I know we are a good fit for each other?

How is this different from any other coaching program?

Why should I trust you?

Do you offer refunds for this program?

You wake up full of energy, cup in one hand, pen in the other and your journal in front of you.

These words flow out on paper: "I'm so grateful for my life. I feel what's my next step so clearly, I finally do what feels good and authentic to me. I feel satisfied and in peace every day."
You take a deep breath and you're almost in awe at how much has changed in the last few months.

You are finally living as yourself, loving yourself and doing what you love. The people around you are also happier as a consequence: your clients, your children, your spouse, your family and friends. 

You don't take things that personally anymore because you know the dynamics between you and the people around you. You know how to make the right decisions. You know how to live in flow.

It’s the ripple effect. It’s the M.A.G.I.C. .

€850 x 4 installments

€580 x 6 installments

5% of all profits go to Kiva lends.
Click here to see my Kiva profile to know what kind of projects I support. 

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