Consultation – Skype Call + Action Plan

Are you struggling to get clarity on a specific issue  in your social media marketing?

You probably just hit a stumbling block and you need someone to shine a light on that (small) mess without investing a whole lot of money into it (and without scratching your head during endless sleepless nights trying to solve the problem).

One-off Consultation Session

  • Have you hit a plateau in your online business and can't understand why for the life of you? 
  • Do you find yourself talking to crickets and doubting about your social media strategy?
  • Do you just need someone to bump your digital ideas with and be reassured you're not going in a completely wrong direction?

Why  can't you  be impartial about your business and struggle to come up with solutions that feel good and that work?

There was a time in my life when I felt like I hit a huge, insurmountable plateau, in business and in life. Heck, it currently happens even now, from time to time. It's only natural.

What was going on?

I was trying to come up with a solution from the same mindset that created the problem, that's what was going on. How did I manage to overcome the stumbling block? I found someone to validate my ideas. Someone who had a clear head and an objective point of view over my situation: something that I couldn't possibly have. I was too involved emotionally.

There's absolutely nothing wrong with reaching out for help, because when it comes to your personal projects there's so much at stake that the fog takes over your brain and prevents you from moving forward. 

There's also too much at stake not to take action and find a solution to overcome those bumps in the road (without getting a flat tyre and getting at your destination on time).

Consultation - What you get:

  • 1 hour Skype call so that we can see what's wrong in your social media strategy and get you on the right track
  • A recording of our call in .mp3 format so that you can listen to my weird accent over and over again
  • An actionable plan and Skype call summary straight in your inbox so that you don't waste precious time going over the call recording
  • E-mail access to me for two weeks after our call so that you won't be left alone trying to fix it all by yourself

How does it work exactly?

1. You purchase the consultation through the yellow button below.
2. You receive a quick questionnaire that will allow me to get to know you and your issues so that we can fix them together.
3. You receive a link to my calendar so you can book the date that best fits your schedule.
4. We chat for one hour and a half and you get the clarity you need.
5. You get your call recording and your actionable plan and call summary in your inbox.
6. You can e-mail me with any question and expect an answer within 24 hours for the following 2 weeks.

By clicking the button above you will be taken to a pre-payment page.

Working with Elisa helped me realise things I wasn’t aware of and pushed me to grow and develop my business. I was happy to come across her, she showed a lot of knowledge and interest in my business, I feel lucky to have met her! She’s easy going, friendly and so easy to communicate with… I would recommend her to everyone.

Eiran Samuels Hexagon HGN

Elisa has worked with me on various social media platforms to grow and engage our community. Along with being smart, professional, and full of helpful tips, she is also a pleasure to work with and is always willing to go the extra mile to get great results. Do yourself a favor and let her help your business!

Sica Schmitz Bead & Reel

It's like stepping into your potential clients' shoes for 1 hour but with  a laser focused strategic point of view.

This is for you if...

  • You're tired of going from course to course, collecting cookie cutter strategies from the next coach, business strategist or guru.
  • You're done with reading thousands of blog posts about how to manage your social media that tell the same things over and over again.
  • You're ready to put some real work in with the energy of a toddler fueled by marshmallows.

This is NOT for you if...

  • You're looking for a virtual assistant: if you already know what you want to be done, hire a professional to do the work you need.
  • You love spending hours watching webinars and reading blog posts and walking away with more questions and confusion.
  • You're not willing to put in the amount of work needed to overcome your stumbling block.

By clicking the button above you will be taken to a pre-payment page.


What happens after I buy the consultation?

The magical path starts to unfold: you'll receive a questionnaire that will allow me to know you better and put the Skype call to use in the best way possible (I won't have you dancing on video if you're an introvert or hiding behind stock photos if you're a Beyonce kind of girl). At the end of the questionnaire you'll find a link to book our Skype call.

Why should I trust you?

You know what they say, happiness is only real when it's shared. And that's how I feel every time I see someone struggling to get their message across on social media.
I've been working on the social web for the last 6 years: blogging, social media, e-mail marketing, you name it. It's hard to find someone who can have a thorough look at your business and build a strategy that works and feels good (this happens to be me, an analytical individual but also an empath who taps into her intuition for business more than I like to admit). 

What if I can't  put the strategy in action?

If you're having troubles overcoming whatever issue you might have (because you're absolutely cut off from anything digital, because you find yourself overwhelmed with to-dos or because hobbits stole your computer) you can check some other ways to work together that might be more suitable for you. I offer different retainer packages with different levels of social media management.
I will apply the Consultation fee towards the cost of the other package you choose.

What if I want my money back?

I will give you your money back minus Paypal fees if you decide not to follow through with our collaboration before you fill in the questionnaire and I start working. If you change your mind after you send the payment but before we follow through, I will refund it to you, no questions asked.