Are you trying to get your business on the world wide web? 

Are you a new entrepreneur, artisan or creative who struggles to be true and authentic on this jungle that's the internet?
Maybe you are very talented at what you do, and you can convey your message perfectly in the real world. When it comes to strutting your stuff online, you don't know where to start.

You read all the marketing blogs, you followed 10 different courses, you even tried to read social media marketing books... and you wasted your precious time, running behind with the work you should be doing, the reason why you started your business in the first place.

I finally feel good about my social media... and you can too.

I know you think it feels good to be able to say "I did all this myself. I didn't need any help at all". But you know what feels good too? Building an online presence that you won't resent, that won't burn you out and that won't overwhelm you

There's something that feels even better: the feeling that you have all your ducks in a row, your message is on point and you're on all the platforms you need to be to connect with your ideal client.  I learned this at my own expense: my online presence was all over the place, I had 15 different domains with email addresses, three blogs, way too many social media profiles... until I completely burned out. And decided that I needed a strategy that felt good, to my clients and to me in the first place. 
I have streamlined the process and I can help you assess your online presence and lay out a plan that will keep you off your computer while you do what you're supposed to do (even if that is taking a nap on the sofa).

Who am I and what do I do?

I'm Elisa, feel good social media specialist for small businesses. I help new entrepreneurs and creatives put themselves out there in a way that feels good and helps them connect with the right clients.

I've been working in the social web for the last 6 years: blogging, social media, e-mail marketing, you name it.

I noticed that many small business entrepreneurs often enter the digital world without really knowing what they’re doing and end up resenting their business or themselves (and missing a lot of opportunities). There's no alignment in what they do, what they say and how they present themselves online.

I believe that your own business and your own social media presence should get you clients, be authentic to who you are and feel good. This is not negotiable. 

I combined my skills together and packaged my brain up for you.

Also, I'm a multi passionate creative soul. It all started with HTML coding and blogging. Then I started creating content for social media and growing super enthusiastic about it. I got passionate about e-mail marketing at one point. Copywriting, persuasion, graphic design, marketing, visual arts, branding and who knows what I will add to my toolbox next.

Psst, I've also got SEO wizards, graphic designers and copy mavens up my sleeve - ready to come in and help build your feel good online presence!

Want to know me better? 

If your social media profiles look like the Sahara desert and you're about to give it all up... don't do that yet.
I can help. 

Get a FREE social media planner: I will send you a free spreadsheet with tips & tricks so you can start feeling good about your social media now. 
Extra bonus: you will receive weekly social media tips from yours truly!